"I did my research before I committed to a martial arts school. My past experience as a student was a brown belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, 3rd Kyu in Aikikai Aikido and a brown belt in Goju Ryu Karate. I am 36 years old so I have been practicing martial arts since I was 25. I am not going to bore you with reasons why I went from one martial arts to another. Let's just say that I have been searching for something deeper and more practical as s in street effective.  I wanted a school that would teach me how to defend myself but would also teach me discipline, mindset and respect by a qualified instructor with experience. A dojo that did not care about trophies but more about their students. I found the Conde Academy online on a Sunday morning and by Tuesday evening I became a member. The vibe, the experience of Sensei Conde, the family atmosphere and the martial arts taught, oh the martial arts taught hooked me right away. Sensei Conde is a charismatic individual with a huge heart, he is an excellent instructor that truly cares about his students. He is one of those guys that can walk the walk but is totally approachable and makes you feel at home no matter what your skill level is. I look forward to progressing as a student in the Conde Academy. Do like I did, research all the schools in the area and go see for yourself why I chose this school over many others."

- Roger Watkins

   Boca Raton, Florida

"I was looking for an aikido school for myself and my two children and found Conde Academy's Aiki Combatives. The Conde Academy is a very positive environment; not intimidating at all. I am a single mom and new to the world of martial arts so that was a must for me. What's more is that the adult class is offered immediately after the kids class. So their schedule makes it easy for us all to attend on the same day and/or night. Sensei Conde is very patient and encouraging with children and adults alike. Although coordination is a challenge for me, he has helped me over come that with his quiet reassuring guidance."

-E. Brown

Palm Beach County Fire Department

"It took me a while to select a dojo where I was going to train, but the first time I walked into Conde Academy of Aiki Combatives I knew I was home. Sensei Conde is beyond knowledgeable; he's compassionate, patient and caring and pushes everyone to be better than they thought possible not only by demanding the best from his students, but by expecting them to demand the best of themselves."

- Gus Saridis, President

   On the Ave. Realty

   Delray Beach, Florida

"I started taking Aiki Combatives about six months ago and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have never felt better physically and mentally . My life started a tailspin about three years ago and could not for the life of me regain control, Sensei put me back on the right path and I will forever be grateful, and the workout is unbelievable."

- Kevin Ford

West Palm Beach, Florida

"I did extensive research prior to joining Aiki Combatives. I couldn't be happier with my choice to join Sensei Conde's school. His decades of experience combined with a great teaching way make the classes very enjoyable."

- Jeremy Office


Delray Beach, FL


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