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Conde Academy offers weekly Kids and Teens Classes in Aiki Combatives (Aikicom). We are not a tournament driven academy, our program focuses on building character, and real world self defense. Discipline and respect are instilled from the first day on the mat through dynamic motivation. Fun and safety are always emphasized.  

Our classes are approximately 50 minutes and consist of numerous elements to include; stretching, break falling, throwing, striking, and kicking. While competition is not our focus Conde Academy participates or hosts demonstrations, examinations and special events throughout the year.

Our weapons team consists of students that have shown responsibility and a desire to learn the use of specific weapons. Students in the weapons team will learn how to use the Nunchaku, "Jo" Short Staff and Escrima Sticks (Dual sticks). 


We continue to set the standard on bully defense by focusing on real world training. Contrary to many programs that are being taught in the U.S., Sensei Conde emphasizes a mindset shift where the child can subdue a much bigger or dominant adversary by turning the tables in a moments notice “Quick Controlled Reaction.” While techniques and skill level are a must , studies have shown that most bully attacks occur when the victim lacks confidence and the right mindset.

The facts of  the real world are simple. Bullying is a huge problem in this country. A reported 37% percent of kids from the ages of 4-15 have reported being bullied and physically hurt. And those are just the reported cases! 

 As a primary objective we teach students how to avoid becoming a victim.  However, the realities of our society is that when push comes to shove and the student has to defend him/her self from an imminent and aggressive attacker there is no such thing as “trying to work it out verbally”. Students will learn how to quickly subdue an attacker by interrupting the attack or re-directing their momentum, using effective techniques combined with a winning mindset. 

The goal of this program is to make sure your kids do not become another statistic!


Only Conde Academy Certified Staff Instructors are authorized to teach classes. These are students that have shown excellent moral character and commitment to developing as instructors. They are hand selected by Chief Instructor Conde and are put through an extensive four (4) month instructor certification program. Upon completion of the certification program and meeting the high standards expected from all certified instructors they receive authorization to teach specific classes and levels.​​