“A street effective - Real World Martial Art, without losing it's essence.”

Aiki Combatives (Aikicom) is the expression and accumulation of Conde Sensei’s thirty three (33) years of training in the martial arts, to include; Hok Lung Kung Fu, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Shooto Wrestling and multiple knife fighting systems. Aikicom includes throws, holds, locks, strikes and submissions. The roots and teaching methodology stem from Pre-War Aikido.

Throwing, energy redirection and joint manipulation elements are integrated from Aikido and Judo. Ground Combat/Grappling elements are integrated from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Shooto Wrestling. Finally, striking and trapping are integrated from Hok Lung Gung Fu and Kali. The primary focus of Aikicom is self defense / self protection through techniques and concepts that are efficient, dynamic and work in the real world.

Aikicom bridges the gap between traditional and modern day training emphasizing techniques that are effective against hyper violent attacks and life or death situations.

The objective is not to fight the opponent’s strengths but instead attack his weaknesses. Leverage and energy redirection are used to off balance the opponent "Kuzuchi". The Aikicom practitioner is able to negate and redirect their opponent’s power without the use of excessive strength. The Aikicom practitioner focuses on positioning or seeking "Shikaku" (opponents blind side or dead angle)...The Aikicom practitioner then quickly finishes the opponent by using rapid fire strikes, submissions, joint manipulation or disengages from the fight.  

Aikicom is divided into three elements. Segment 1 focuses on throws and takedowns. Segment 2 focuses on striking, trapping and joint locks. Segment 3 focuses on ground combatives and submissions.

Mindset and discipline are taught from the student’s first day on the mat. We believe in training the body and mind as one. Our mission is to train the students from the inside out. Regular practice encourages a high level of physical fitness, confidence, coordination, and camaraderie.

Challenge yourself in training, and reap the benefits of physical and internal improvement, on and off the mat.


This program emphasizes the reality of hyper violent street attacks . Our objective is to expose students to stressors and conditions that are consistent with what would happen during a violent street attack, and teach them to win at all costs.  We cover numerous elements including; various environments, multiple attackers, escapes from holds, defense against weapons, utilization of bladed weapons, winning mindset, defense from the ground and numerous other elements. The uniform for this class consists of an Academy T-Shirt and gi pants. Mouthpiece and groin protection is mandatory.


This program focuses on takedowns and ground fighting. This is not a class geared towards sport or tournament grappling. Our objective is to teach the student how to control an aggressive opponent by using leverage, timing, positioning and submissions on the ground. While not the best place to be during a real world attack, the ground has many advantages that you can use in your favor. This program integrates Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo Ne-waza (ground techniques) and Japanese Shooto wrestling.


This program focuses on the elements of knife fighting as applied to self defense situations. . Our objective is to teach the student how to use and deploy an edge weapon against a hyper violent attacker. 


This is a self defense program specifically designed for active & professional women who refuse to live afraid of becoming a victim of a violent attack. In this program you will gain the skills, confidence & the mindset to win a violent confrontation at all costs. Most importantly you will be removed from your bubble and exposed to real world scenarios. 

The College Self  Defense Sessions focuses on young Women who are entering College Life. This program is our most popular self defense program since its inception in 2011. Sensei Conde has graduated over 300 young women from College Self Defense and Survival Skills. Numerous students can attest to the effectiveness and efficiency of the techniques and tactics used in the real world.

Get ready for an awesome workout that will get you in great shape while learning how to defend yourself! Classes will be held monthly an/or group private sessions.  The classes will be dynamic, energetic and in a great learning atmosphere. Please contact us for more information.​​


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